MyItaly Concierge is an idea of a team of professionals who have the mission to propose the best way at the right price to visit and discover the real soul of our country. Our experts can design personal tailor made vacations in Italy and all over Europe, create concrete ideas of vacations from every kind of desire coming from your imagination.We can arrange services for individual travellers, small or large groups, for business or pleasure-Our team of travel experts organize tailor products tailored on clients needs,like a made to measure suit.

Company knowledge
Our company has inside knowledge on the best place stay, sites to see amf things to do built up from guiding personally our tours around Italy, visiting personally places, accomodations and knowing personally guides and all the suppliers we use to organize our services

Design your Holiday
Our experts will come in true your needs and your interests (art, culture, food) and create the right proposal. They will give you the chance to live a real experience and know the authentic Italy. They will also follow you during all the tour when you will arrive in the place, like an angel care.

Our process After a first contact to underdstand your needs, our team will send a first itinerary and an indicative cost. Then you can design your vacation personally with your expert and make all the changes to arrive to the ideal holiday.

Customized tour: We can arrange for you the right product at the right price to give you the choice to visit our beautiful country

Escursions: We can make you discover in half or one day every fascinating corner of the cities of the little towns of this wonderful country

Honeymoon: We are able to offer you an unforgettable experience for the most important vacation of your life

Cooking classes: and food and wines experencies: Italy is not only the country of the art and museums but we have the biggest and best  variety of food and wines

Religious tour: Italy is also the home of Pope Francesco and the most important Saints of the Christian Religion as Francesco d’ Assisi, San Pio, San Antonio etc.

Incentive, Congresses and Groups tour: We can help you to arrange the best solution for your company or group especially for you with a designed proposal